A reliable partner in product
development / production

EminTech has created solutions for Life
Sciences Industry since 1990.

With significant experience from lipid crystallisation,
excipient behaviour, protein surface chemistry and
development and production of pharmaceutical
formulations, EminTech covers many, technological
fields for pharmaceutical product development.

The key to project success is the scientific background
combined with creativity and experience from more than
hundred development projects.

These factors have proved productivity in providing
solutions to our partners projects needs.

The solutions cover a spectrum, from strategy plans
to usable formulations developed in our laboratory
and scaled up in our customers facilities.





The laboratory includes formulation equipment and
instruments used for analysing emulsions and gels.
For a brief description of the instruments please
see the section of analytical services.



Efficay -
Get a Pro from
the beginning


One leading word at EminTech is Efficacy.

Efficacy implies less costs in the project.
Efficacy covers many routines at EminTech, from
developing routines for rapid performance during
repetitive tasks to eliminating mistakes.

Mistakes are frequent in industry. One common task
at EminTech is to solve problems seen in production
by formulations that were not properly formulated.
The quest is to solve problems, without changes in
composition or other factors documented in
registration files.

Efficacy implies that the probablity of later
problems is decreased.





EminTech uses own resources or engage external
partners, delivering a solution that gives the best
cost-performance relationship for the project.


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