The Image Analysis System measures:
• shape and form distributions
• size and size distributions
• number of objects (counting)
• angles and geometries

Image analysis
/ Microscopy

Oil droplets in a cosmetic cream.
Scale shows 10 µm.

Needle formed crystals in a pharma-
cutical cream. Scale shows 100 µm.

Haircuts from shaving


The equipment at EminTech includes:
Zeiss microscope with 10-1000 times magnifi-
cation, polarized light, phase contrast microscopy
Television camera Ikegami FCD-12, with
adjustable light and contrast, or
Camera Nikon Coolpix 990 controlled from a PC
PC equipped with Scorpion Univision frame grabber
Optimas software with routines for accumulation
of objects from several images during calculation
of size distributions. These routines are necessary
in order to obtain statistically significant results
from image analysis.

   Oil droplet size distribution in a cream.    
    Horisontal axis show maximum10 µm.   
Vertical axis show volume fraction.           
Number of counted oil droplets = 3 015.  
At larger droplet diameters the volume is
formed by 0, 1 or 2 droplets.                       
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