Water activity

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calibration samples



  Water activities of calibration samples

Water activities of calibration samples used for measurements
at 22.5 °C are shown in the tables below:

The figures in the table were obtained by interpolation between
values for aw at 20 and 25 °C.
The aw values were taken from the Decagon instrument manual
and from Novasina calibration sample information on the samples.

Note Novasina that LabMASTER-aw was calibrated at 25 °C,
but that the measurements were run at 22.5 °C.

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Decagon samples  
0.5m KCl 0.984
6.0m NaCl 0.760
8.57m LiCl 0.498
13.41m LiCl 0.2475
Novasina samples  
97 K2SO4 0.9745
90 BaCl2 0.903
75 NaCl 0.754
53 Mg(NO3)2 0.5365
33 MgCl2 0.3295
11 LiCl 0.113
aw at 22.5 °C for calibration samples
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