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Water activity

Introduction and Contents



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  What is water activity
    Test Introduction
Test details
  Salt solutions used
  Calibration samples used
  Desktop instruments
  Portable instruments
  Desktop instruments
  Decagon AquaLab 3TE
  Novasina LabMASTER-aw
  Rotronic HygroLab 2
  Portable instruments
  Decagon PawKit
  Rotronic HygroPalm
  Testo 650
  Desktop instruments
  Portable instruments

Water activity, aw, is most frequently measured in bacteriological
control and for stability purposes.

During 1997, a portable instrument for aw measurements was
acquired by EminTech.
The results obtained from the instrument never felt convincing.

In order to understand how to make aw measurements and also
to get information about which instrument to acquire, three portable
instruments were studied during 2004. It was realised that none of
them was as reliable as required by EminTech.

During 2005, three desktop instruments were studied. The price
tag of these instruments was higher than that of the portable
instruments, but so was also their performance.
Contents of the study
Portable instruments in the price range € 1 500 - 2 500,
tested during March 2004, on web March 2004

Desktop instruments in the price range € 3 000 - 7 500,
tested during November 2005, on web December 2005.
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